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Here you can reserve directly online, you can do inquiries or bookings
Just fill in the e-mail booking form.
You can fill in this form by printing it and sending it
per fax to +49-721-495996 or by contacting us
per telephone: +49-721-406048 or post.

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The reservation becomes valid when accepted and confirmed by the hotel management. When booking on short term, please phone us.
Thank you.
Important information

Arrival Departure
Please be prepared that the rooms will be ready for you by 3 p.m. on your day of arrival. On Sundays and holidays your arrival is not possible till 6 p.m. (unless arranged differently). Late arrivals only on pre-arrangement. The rooms remain reserved till 11 p.m. on your day of arrival. If you do not fulfil the reservation, you will be charged the full room fee. On the day of your departure, please leave the room till 12 o'clock noon. When leaving later you will be charged an extra cleaning. In case of cancellation, we will try to let the room to other guests. If we do not manage to do so, we will have to charge 80 % of the room fee. The same is for later arrival or earlier departure.
Thank you for your understanding.